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We want to thank Jeff Perkins for coming over and grinding the valve seats on 3 different engines last week. The 1930 Essex getting the treatment

H. Barbera's '51 Convertible

Brian Van Buskirk's 8 cylinder.

The front crankshaft dampener bolt has a brass ring that goes on before it is screwed into the crank. Andy restored and installed new u-joints in the driveshaft of the '34H8

We have been building J.Lebold's '34 H8. We installed new lifters and tappet screws. These are a great improvement. We use engine assembly lube on the lifters,and lifters jackets. This ensures good lubrication while the engine gets complete oil circulation.

Picture with the lifters installed

New lifters, tappet screws, valve springs, retainers, valves and keepers all in place and adjusted. We received a '37 Terraplane engine from A.Cooper this week. He really knows how to pack up and ship an engine-Good job!! More pictures of this engine disassembling soon.

We purchased a few more Hudson parts this week Now to get them organized

Pictures of our new guys at WR. This is Nick and Andrew. Welcome aboard!!

I have never seen a copper plated bearing cage before??.

There are some great pictures of old parts boxes from the past. I don't think any of these still exist as a sole, independent company? A picture of a 9" light duty clutch disc,with a solid center hub?. I don't remember ever seeing one before?.